International Travel

If a student plans to travel out of the country for school or pleasure, they should make an appointment with the Student Health Services to ensure proper immunization prior to travel.

Appointments should be made 1-2 months prior to departure. Some medications and vaccines need to be started well in advance of your trip in order to provide adequate protection.

Medical coverage is not provided by Student Health Services when students travel out of the country. Students are encouraged to take advantage of the very affordable medical plan for international travel.

Student Health Services will provide needed medications to students, spouses, and domestic partners when they are traveling. Student Health Services will cover 20% of the cost of such medications and the student is responsible for the remaining cost. If the student’s program is sponsoring the travel, the student’s medication expenses may be able to be added to the grant or travel budget.

Travel counseling and any necessary medications may, however, be obtained through Student Health Services prior to departure.

Information regarding travel insurance is available through Student Health Services. Enrollment with International Student Identity Card (ISIC) includes limited travel benefits.