What we offer on the Medical Campus

For more information please call Student Health Counseling 314-362-2404
Bi-weekly Healing Hearts Group- Survivors of assault, and Sexual Violence Thursdays 12:00pm – 1:00pm
Presence in orientation and digital/Web and paper presence August/September
Anger Management and Emotional Regulation offered monthly 1st Friday
LGBTQ and Allies Trauma & Mental Health December/March
Trauma Awareness/Informed workshops ongoing throughout year to the various programs TBA
Green Dot Bystander Intervention TBA
Healthy Relationships and You October/April
Stalking Awareness Month and Education January
Substance Abuse education program 4 week education program
Partner with Protective Services December/March
Domestic Violence Awareness October
Take Back the Day education April
Women’s Monthly workshops TBA
Partner with Washington University Relationship and Sexual Violence Prevention TBA
Partner with Title IX services TBA
Community Resources TBA