Student Assistance Program

Student Health Services provides a Student Assistance Program (SAP) for all enrolled students and their immediate family members. This prepaid benefit is offered as a way to help our students resolve issues that may have an impact upon their personal lives and their school performance.

Program Summary

The SAP provides confidential, professional assistance to full-time enrolled students and their family members to help resolve problems that are affecting their personal life or school performance. The program is managed by ENI, a nationally known professional consulting firm specializing in SAP services.

Students can contact ENI 24 hours a day, seven days a week to arrange a confidential appointment with an SAP specialist. SAP specialists have professional training and expertise in a wide range of issues such as academic problems, eating disorders, credit problems, adjusting to school, marriage, family problems, alcohol and drug abuse, emotional and psychological concerns, financial difficulties, stress and much more. Work/life specialists are also available for assistance with Life Services, such as legal, financial, childcare, elder care, pet care and other of life’s daily challenges.

The SAP can be reached by calling 1(800) 327-2255


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