Student Health Services covers one routine eye exam/refraction office visit every two years through the Barnes Jewish Vision Center. No referral is needed for this appointment, although the student should provide the Vision Center with a referral form to ensure proper billing. If the student experiences any eye difficulty while enrolled and requires more than one eye examination every two years, the student must call Student Health Services for a referral. The student will be responsible for a co-payment of $20 per visit.

Contact lens fittings may be obtained by calling the Vision Center located on the 3rd floor of the CAM building calling Dr. Michael Lachtrup’s or Dr. Mary Blatt office at 314-747-9454.  The student will be responsible for a $20.00 co-pay for the fitting, collected at the time seen. The Vision Center also will extend a 20% discount on the purchase of eyeglasses.

Routine eye exam/contact fitting
Dr. Michael Lachtrup OR Dr. Mary Blatt
Center for Advanced Medicine
(314) 747-9454

Routine eye exam (contact fitting at this location is NOT covered)
Dr. Mary K. Migneco
Barnes-Jewish Hospital, South Campus
(314) 362-6123

Vision Service Plan

The Assurant Heritage Dental plan includes a vision discount plan through Vision Service Plan (VSP). The vision plan includes discounts on exams and the purchase of prescription eyewear when provided by VSP network doctors. The discount plan is available for the student and everyone covered under the stduent’s dental plan.

Features of VSP:

  • Immediate savings when using a VSP network doctor
  • No waiting periods
  • No deductibles

Services available from a VSP network doctor:

  • 20% discount off eye exams (1)
  • 20% discount off complete pairs of prescription glasses and lens options (2)
  • 15% discount off the contact lens exam (fitting and evaluation) (2)
  • VSP has contracted with many of the nation’s laser surgery facilities and doctors, to offer a discount off PRK and LASIK surgeries.

Three easy steps to using VSP:

  1. Find a VSP network doctor at or call 800.877.7195 to request a doctor listing.
  2. Tell the doctor you are a VSP member and provide the covered member’s social security number when you make your appointment.
  3. Fees are automatically reduced at the time of service – with no claims to fill out.

The vision discount plan is not insurance. Products and services marketed by Assurant Employee Benefits are underwritten and/or provided by Union Security Insurance Company.

  • Does not apply to contact lens exam (fitting and evaluation).
  • Discounts only offered through the VSP network doctor who provided an eye exam within the last 12 months.

Additional information about the benefit of Assurant’s prepaid dental plan is available upon request.