Student Health Service provides benefits for injury to a sound natural tooth only. Coverage for injury to a sound natural tooth is 100% of the first $300 of expenses, and 80% of the balance, not to exceed $1,000 as a result of any one accident. Student Health Services will provide a list of private dentists upon request.

In addition to the benefit provided by Student Health Service, all eligible full-time students registered in the medical and allied professional schools of the medical campus will be covered by a prepaid dental plan through Sun Life Financial. All full-time students are covered automatically, and the university pays the cost. There are no enrollment forms for the student to complete. To select and/or change a providers Prepaid directory 2017  you may call Sun Life Financial Customer Service at 1 (800) 733-7879 or visit the Assurant Employee Benefits website. This plan is available to your family members as well for the yearly premium; see Student Health Benefit office for details.

In brief, dental insurance for medical students and affiliated programs provided by Sun Life Financial prepaid plan is as follows: The member will be responsible for paying the amount listed in the “member copayment” column (plus any applicable lab fees) at the time the service is received. Additional information about the benefit of  Assurant’s Employee Benefits Heritage prepaid dental plan is available upon request.

  • No deductibles
  • No claim forms
  • No annual maximum
  • Fixed copayment schedule for plan dentists
  • Reduced fees on orthodontic procedures for children and adults
  • No referral required for specialist benefits
  • Benefits for pre-existing dental conditions
  • as well as dental care you will receive  Vision Discount Plan (VSP)

Prepaid directory 2017

Freedom Basic PPO

For an additional cost to the student, Assurant will continue to offer the option of enrolling in the Freedom Basic – PPO plan or adding family members to the plan.  Freedom Basic – PPO is a voluntary dental PPO plan. This dental plan provides a variety of benefits and allows the student and the student’s family to use any dentist or specialist.

A brief summary of benefits include:

  • Yearly benefit maximum $1,000, deductibles apply.
  • Please note the coverage with this plan is very limited and not as detailed as the Prepaid plan. The annual fee for this plan is higher, but for those students who wish to continue seeing their own dentist and/or know they will be out of the area must of the year, this is an option.
  • The student cost for Freedom Basic Voluntary – PPO; $113.34 single member, $321.24 member +1, 686.16 member + family.