Influenza Vaccination

Under the university’s Washington University Mandatory Influenza Vaccination Policy, all faculty and staff engaged in patient care or working in buildings that provide patient care must be vaccinated this flu season.

This policy is a condition of employment and/or access to patient care or clinical care areas and applies to all Washington University employees, faculty, staff, residents, fellows, students, trainees, independent contractors, temporary agency personnel, volunteers, and vendors who provide patient care services or work in patient care areas in any facility owned and/or leased by the University. This includes buildings on the Medical Campus and Danforth campus, as well as all off-campus patient care locations.

Each designated employee must get the flu vaccination (or show documented proof of such) by December 16th. Documentation must be submitted directly to Occupational Health Services.

Influenza vaccination will be provided free of charge to all University employees during the published Flu Vaccine Schedule

Under the School of Medicine’s Flu Visitor Policy it is necessary to screen, review, evaluate, and respond on an individual case-by-case basis to any known, suspected, or confirmed instances of certain communicable illnesses among visitors to the WUSM community which may be transmitted in a patient care setting.

When a department sponsors a visitor/contractor/ volunteer or vendor, whose anticipated stay is seven days or less, and may interact with patients or visit a patient care setting, it is the responsibility of the department to ensure that the individual completes the necessary form.

Influenza VIS 2019

WU Influenza FAQ 2019