Our Staff

The expertise, dedication, and stewardship of the professionals in the Office of Student & Occupational Health Services have earned the continued support of the university and its students.

Karen S. Winters, MD
1994 – present

Program Manager
Betty Feagans
1993 – present (full time)

Staff Psychologists
Rimiko Thomas, PhD
2010 – present (full time)

Kenton Wertman, PhD
2015 – present (part time)

Staff Psychiatrist
Allyson Bass, MD
2015 – present (part time)

Staff Nurses, Student Health
Diane Sullivan, RN
1998 – present (full time)

Deeni Alexander, RN
2006 – present (full time)

Manager, Occupational Health
Jennifer Reneau, RN
1998 – present (full time)

Staff Nurse, Occupational Health
Angela Holtgraves, RN
2014 – present (full time)

Sue Erb
1999 – present (full time)

Juli Wolf
2016 – present (full time)